The curriculum is flexible and relies considerably on teacher creativity.  The curriculum has evolved to emphasize individualized learning rates and styles, and is centered around students working on thematic projects which they help shape.  The emphasis is on getting the children to be engaged in and to have a deeper experience of what they are studying.   

These projects, some long and some short-term, serve to integrate the curriculum.  By their very nature, they encourage creativity and experimentation, as well as independent activity, thinking for yourself, responsibility and problem-solving skills.  

Academic skills are taught within the context of these projects, as well as through learning centers, directed instruction and hands-on activities. State and District Standards serve as the framework for these learning experiences.

The visual and performing arts are important to our curriculum and are integrated into the classroom experience.  Opportunities are provided for students to teach and perform for each other.  The curriculum also includes movement activities that promote physical awareness and fine motor skills.

Curriculum and projects are coordinated between all classrooms, ensuring continuity over the six-year program.  Occasionally a single project will span and therefore integrate all the classrooms.