The impetus for the Multi-Age Program began when a group of parents in the district saw a need for more educational choice in the district and petitioned the Ross Valley School District (RVSD) Board to create an alternative program for their children.  These parents felt that with the increasing standardization of education and the emphasis on academic performance, there was a need to consider the whole child and to keep learning relevant and engaging.

After some years of discussion, the board agreed in the spring of 1996 to the creation of the then named Innovative Learning Community (ILC).  The parents of the ILC were deeply involved in forming the approach to the curriculum, establishing the structure and hiring the initial teaching staff.  The ILC’s first year was in 1996 with two classes, a multi-age K-1 class and a multi-age 2-3 class.

The program formed slowly through its first four years guided primarily by parents and teachers.  In January 2001 the school district administration and the Manor School Principal assumed some of the administrative responsibilities and the program was renamed the Multi-Age Program.  Parents, teachers and administrators continue to work together to strengthen the program and respond to the needs of the students, staff, and community.  Out of this collaboration has come the creation of a more formal MAP Leadership Council.  the MAP Parents and Teachers Code of Conduct, the MAP Way of Being, the Multiyear Teachers’ Bill of Rights, and the Public Relations Program.

Demand for the program from parents has grown significantly in recent years and the Ross Valley School District has expanded MAP to meet this demand.  An additional K-1 class was added in the 2003-2004 school year and a 2-3 class was added in the 2005-2006 school year.  Currently MAP has two classrooms each for K-1, 2-3, 4-5.