This is what parents have to say about MAP. If you have questions, or would rather have a conversation with parents who've experienced the program, please email Liz Canning (lizcanning@mac.com) or Jenn Wolf (jenjoos@yahoo.com).

In our experience the Multi Age Program has supported and enhanced the development of our children and been a great vehicle for parental and community involvement. We see our kids and their classmates ( in 3rd and 5th grade) engaged and asking the critical questions. There is excitement in the class , the kids are passionate and the love of learning is most noticeable.

The children work together on many of their projects and the learning environment is dynamic and fun. The teachers guide the students through the curriculum using an experience based approach and they focus a lot of energy on social/emotional skills, that the children bring home and then take out into the big wide world!

Having two age groups in the same class and spending two years with the same teacher has been incredibly valuable to us! We are very grateful to have the Multi Age Program, and we think it is the future of education!!
                                                                                --Mandy , David Tahi and Manawa Thomasson

As a parent whose child struggled for many years with severe social anxiety, I can attest to the magic of MAP.  MAP literally helped give our child a voice in the classroom. 

MAP establishes strong home-school connections, supports and teaches the whole child, generously welcomes parent participation & input, provides a rich, positive learning environment, focuses on children's strengths & interests, and uniquely guides a child's social emotional development. 

For any parent whose child requires special care or extra warm up time, MAP is the perfect fit.  

The confidence and social skills our child gained after experiencing a full cycle in MAP was extraordinary and has been an unbelievable lifelong gift.  Thank you MAP and its dedicated teachers who treat our children as if they are their own. We are forever grateful! 
                                                                                --A parent of a 2nd & 4th grader

 just transferred into the program this year, after two years in the mainstream classes at the same school. We have a unique perspective on the benefits of the program, especially the project-based element, as well as the general environment of risk-taking and creative thinking and expression. Although we were perfectly content with the education she received prior, this year has been exceptional, and as my daughter recently wrote in her self-assessment to her teacher- the best year yet. 

Our older daughter has always had a creative streak and within MAP this part of her is being integrated into projects and daily classroom environment, and it is flourishing. In the project-based environment there is the inherent assumption that a child's love of learning will come forth, given the invitation, and they have the opportunity to follow their own interests, within the structure the teacher provides. There is a culture to this environment that is completely in alignment with our educational values, and we are deeply grateful that this programs exists an an option to us, and only wish it was available to more people. 

My daughter describes her experience this year in the MAP program with words like "freedom" and "creativity", and we are watching her shine. The root of the word education is educare, to lead out, and I am watching as this program provides the opportunity of leading out the inherent curiosity, creativity and love of learning in my daughter. I hope that is what the intent of the common core, and 21st century learning, is all about.

                                                                                   --Alice Treves


Our son has had a very positive experience in MAP. He loves that his class got to perform in 2 plays . It was a great experience for him to perform in front of the whole school.  It made him so happy. Usually he is  pretty shy, so this was a really important thing for him to do, with confidence. I think it is super important to feel comfortable speaking or performing in public. It is very helpful and enriching to cultivate that in a child at an early age. I believe not only that this helps develop self-confidence but also improves communication and interpersonal skills. These are invaluable skills for a child to learn, and it is  an integral part of his daily school life.

He also told us how he loves the creation station in the classroom. This is where he can create and build whatever he likes.This has encouraged him to really think about how things are built and working together with his classmates to create and be creative. It stirs his curiosity so he is constantly looking at how things function in the real world. It is exciting to see this in him. I feel the project-based learning will give him a greater depth of understanding of concepts and solutions for his adulthood.

He comes home and tells me things he learned with great enthusiasm. I believe that he is in an environment in his classroom and with his teacher, that nurtures that curiosity and encourages self motivation and interest. He has come out of his shell in a big way since he started the MAP.  We feel so grateful that he is able to attend this program because we see the positive benefits for our child. We hope that more families have this fantastic alternative for their children, too. 

                                                                                      --Aylin Yaser